JUNNEX - a new investment company

Good afternoon.
I want to offer you a new investment company
The company is australian and is involved in the promotion / advertising of the cryptographic currency.
Gives a real percentage of 2% to 3.5% daily.
9 level referral program.
Charging and withdrawal daily at any time.
Validity of deposits from 25 to 50 days with the return of the invested funds.
If you are interested in a stable income - welcome to my team
You can earn from referrals if you have not invested yourself personally.
This is a legal company and it will work for a long time.
She was checked on the ground. There is a document authorizing trade.
This company conducts real business
The Company has four Investment Plans:
- PAYMENT 1, USD 50 - 499 USD, 2.00%, 25 calendar days the daily profit
- PAYMENT 2, 500-4999 USD, 2.20%, 30 calendar days the daily profit
-FILE 3, 5000 - 19999 USD, 2.50%, 45 calendar days the daily profit
- PAYMENT 4, 20000 USD - 100000 USD, 3.50%, 50 calendar days the daily profit
Call me, write me if you need some help or information.
-Minit $
You can invest with this offer between $ 500 and $ 20,000. The money will be placed on this plan for 100 days, with a daily profit of 6%. Compared to TOKENS 'investment offer, the MINING plan does not have daily payments. The amount of the deposit and the accumulated benefit is refunded at the end of the investment term. Payment systems available: Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Advanced Cash, ETH, LTC, BTC. Cryptocrats will be converted into US dollars when added.
-Minerit BTC
This investment offer was designed only for users of the Bitcoin payment system. Similar to other bids, accumulated funds of the BTC plan take place on calendar days and it is possible to withdraw any amount of payments in those days.
BTC 0.06 - BTC 100, 1.80%, 50 calendar days daily profit.
Hardware mining of cryptocurrency assets is one of the most prospects and profitable directions in the online business of the second decade of the 21st century. The use of progressive digital technologies and application of the latest achievements in computer engineering and macroelectronics to solve blockchain tasks are the principal area of expertise for Junnex. Since 2018 the company has been concentrating on practical use of innovations, technical and technological achievements and results of scientific progress applied for primary altcoins mining based on hardware mining farms. We also unite all of it in harmony with commercial promotion of the most prospective tokens on the global cryptocurrency trading markets. It is precisely the transformation of the scientific achievements starting from the primary idea to the implementation of an industrial-scale technology capable of making a stable profit. This all is our shared key to the start of mutually beneficial cooperation on the terms provided and exhaustively outlined on our website.
Maximum business efficiency and risk minimisation. From the first minutes of cooperation, Junnex can offer the best investment terms at a nearly non-existent risk of drawdowns. As a venture company, Junnex sees the principal and maximum potential of its development in close cooperation with representatives of external investment, while supporting its growth with innovative developments and creation of industrial-scale mining farms. Consequently, it gives Junnex an advantage in further promotion of its services and products on the global investment and trading markets.
Broad-mindedness and strategically set business evolution prospect as well as organic combination and balance of cryptocurrency mining, market trading and promotion of new, prospectus tokens - this is our vision of a long-term business development speaking globally. These business areas have no counterparts whatsoever looking from the prospect and gradually growing development for decades ahead point of view. Also, the globality of our interests rests on the employment of the latest web and information technologies, which allow us to strengthen the presence of our services and products in any part of the world and on any specialist markets without reductions in our cooperation result efficiency. Every investor from any country in the world can feel the whole potential of Junnex by cooperating with us and conducting mutual business in the sphere of online investments.
Junnex is an Australian venture company incorporating the Australian way of doing business. This means full compliance with the rules and law. Transparency and predictability of our decisions, business effectiveness and openness, honesty and total transactional security. These are precisely the priorities that have formed the basis of our enterprise and continue to be strategically paramount values which we are happy to share with our clients and business partners from around the globe. The freedom of choice and maximum client protection are the advantages which will always go along your investments with Junnex at all stages of our mutually beneficial business in its longest-going prospect.

Evidence of payment:


• What is your business?
JUNNEX PTY LTD is a venture company, has been conducting its business since 2018 and concentrates on practical use of innovations, technical and technological achievements and results of scientific progress used for mining of primary types of altcoins based on hardware mining farms. We also unite all of it in harmony with commercial promotion of the most prospective tokens on the global cryptocurrency trading markets.

• Why is JUNNEX PTY LTD a venture company?
We have chosen this type of investment because we hold an opinion that we will only be capable of offering better ways to invest with nearly non-existent risks of drawdowns if we base our development as a company on advanced innovations and creation of industrial-scale mining farms.

• Where are you located?
JUNNEX PTY LTD is an Australian-based venture company, located at: Exchange Centre, 20 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

• I would like to check your company registration with the governmental regulator myself. What is, is company number?
We have been registered under the following number: 624607674.

• Where on the website can I find out more about the company?
To read more about our company, please, proceed to the About us section.


• How many accounts am I allowed to create?
Each investor is allowed to have only one active account, which they may use for their partner program or investment.

• Is it possible to delete an account?
Unfortunately, Its technically impossible.

• Is it possible to suspend or terminate an already activated investment plan?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change or cancel any active operation. We trust your choice and reasonably expect the same in return.

• How to recover access to my account?
To recover lost password for your account, you should fill in the Password recovery form on our website.

• I want to change payment details. How can I do this?
You can change those details or add new ones by contacting our technical support team. Please, be aware that our specialists may ask you to answer your secret question which you chose while registering with us. We recommend you take a note of your answer to the secret question and keep it safe at all times, as unlike the password, we cannot recover it.

• I want to change my email address. How can I do this?
Unfortunately, Its technically impossible to change the email address you specified on your registration form.


• What payment are systems available to me to facilitate my investments?
The following payment systems are available to you to help to invest: Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin.
• What currency is used for investments?
All investments are made in USD and BTC.
• How successful are your investment offers?
We offer several types with different profit levels, depending on which one you might opt-in for and their investment conditions. You can learn more about it by reading the Investments section.
• How quickly does the company pay out funds requested for withdrawals?
Regardless of the amount, we prefer safe transactions. This means every withdrawal request is checked manually. The required time for such checks might take up to 48 hours.
• When will I receive my first payout after I have created an investment?
All payouts become available for withdrawal after they appear on the account balance. Regardless of availability, your first payout will be processed within 24 hours after you have created an investment with us. Subsequently, all payouts will occur at the same interval during the entire investment term.
• When can I withdraw the invested amount itself?
The principal investment amount may be withdrawn upon completion of the investment term.
• Can I invest in all investment offers?
Yes, you can pick and choose investment offers that appear to be more suitable for you and your investment strategy.
• How much do I need to invest to receive profit?
It is up to you to decide on the investment amount. However, bear in mind that the minimum amount available for investment is 50 USD.
• Can I withdraw earned funds unlimitedly?
Yes, there are no restrictions. We do not charge any commission or any other type of unspecified fees as well as we do not set limits on the withdrawal amount.
• Can I withdraw money that I invested with, say, Perfect Money, using another payment system?
Yes, you can. However, we must bring it to your attention that such transactions are not available for Bitcoin.


• How can I use your partner solutions?
You just need to register on our website,, to get the opportunity to profit from the additional active income.
• Can I benefit from the partner solutions without registering an account?
Unfortunately, it is not possible for unregistered users to use the partner solutions.

• What is a referral link?
The referral link is a unique web-identifier which helps unite all registrations where it was used into a single partner structure belonging to one particular investor.
• Where are my referral link and my banners?
You can find all the aid materials that help simplify the invitation process for new users in the Promotion section.
• Can I change my invitation?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the person who invited you. Please, be careful when creating an account and do check who has invited you before finishing you registration process.
• What tech support levels can I expect from the company?
You can always rely on us and our support available through the feedback form.

GENERAL OFFICE, Phone: +61290991735, Skype: support,
OTHER QUESTION,,  Telegram: @junnex
Telegram: +447424319752, Whatsapp: +447424319752